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Organisational Development Programme

Would your organisation benefit from improved communication, better relationships, a reduction in workplace conflict and more effective team working? If so, you may be interested in our integrated Organisational Development Programme . This programme engages with all employees at levels in an organisation and uses the data collected to create action plans for organisational development for the organisation's leadership team.

The programme consists of a number of stages. These can be typically carried out over 12-18 months but can be adapted to suit organisational needs

Stage 1- Organisational Development Needs Analysis- We meet with the senior leadership team to understand the current strategic goals and to collect data on organisational issues and challenges that impact on the achievement of those strategic goals. From this we develop and agree an Organisational Development Plan (ODP)  with costs and timescales.

Stage 2- Workforce engagement- We position and communicate the ODP with the organisation employees and discuss the next steps in the programme.

Stage 3- Workplace data gathering and analysis- We collect data from the organisation employees regarding their styles and preferences for communication, working in teams, building relationships and dealing with workplace conflict. We use a tool called Everything DiSC Workplace®  to profile the employees. We then feedback this profiling and discuss the implications via one or more facilitated sessions. Participants are made aware of myeverythingdisc.com. Once undertaken the profiles can be accessed via myeverythingdisc.com, an online learning portal, where users can access their DiSC profile, learn about the impact of their style and compare their style with colleagues.

Everything DiSC Workplace Four Priorities

Stage 4- Review- We meet with the organisational leadership team and review the profiling and discussion from the feedback sessions. At this stage we considered the distribution of employee’s styles and preferences and consider the impact of this on organisational culture and behaviour. We consider whether this culture is a 'help or hinderance' in achieving the current strategic goals and helping resolve the organisational issues and challenges.  We use analysis tools such as Group Culture Reports to achieve this. 


Stage 5- Organisational Productive Conflict Assessment (OPCA) - We engage again with the organisational employees and get them to consider whether their workplace style and preferences helps or hinders when dealing with workplace conflict. This involves some additional profiling using a tool called Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

Summary of DiSC in Conflict Image

Stage 6- Facilitated Action Planning- We then feedback this profiling and discuss the implications via one or more facilitated sessions. These sessions have a strong focus on action planning- applying the learning to ensure workplace conflict is productive.

Overview of DiSC in Conflict Image 

Stage 7- Review- We meet with the organisational leadership team and reviewing the OPCA profiling and discussion from the feedback sessions. We then plan and agree the participants and respondents for the next stage of the programme- the 360 Degree Feedback Exercise. 

Stage 8- Organisational Development- 360 Degree Feedback- This exercise is used to gather profiling data on the management and leadership style and behaviours of the organisation's managers and leaders. We use a tool called Everything DiSC 363® For Leaders to collect the data. We then discuss the feedback with  participants via 1 to 1 coaching sessions. 

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Diagram

From the exercise we agree with the organisational leadership team - who will participate in the next two stages of the programme, facilitated sessions exploring management and leadership styles, preferences and behaviours. 

Stage 9- Organisational Development- Management styles, preferences and behaviours. These sessions focus on three key areas of management Directing, Delegating and Developing. We use a tool called Everything DiSC® Management  to explore this. 

Everything DiSC Management Map Pastel

Stage 10- Organisational Development - Leadership styles, preferences and behaviours. These sessions focus on three key areas of leadership Vision, Alignment and Direction We use a tool called Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® to explore this. 
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Four Priorities

Stage 11- Individual Review- Having completed Stages 8/9/10, we then carry out individual 1 to 1 reviews with participants, review the results from the profiling and 360 Degree Feedback exercise and agree and formulate individual development plans. This will also focus on individual roles and responsibilities in contributing to the Organisational Development Plan. 

Stage 12- Organisational and Programme Review- The final stage of the programme involves a review of the programmes' outcomes with the organisation's leadership team. We revisit the data collected and the analysis of that feedback. We explore the learning from the programme and update the Organisational Development Plan. This may involve additional or follow up activities and exercises, for example ensuring any new employees complete Everything DiSC Profiling, or repeating Stage 8- 360 Degree Feedback exercise to measure improvements and development.

The above programme can be adapted to meet organisational needs and requirements. The stages and scheduling are flexible. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an initial discussion.

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